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Charles 50 Amp Isolation Transformer - 12kVA - 120/240VAC

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When properly installed, Charles Marine Isolation transformers will electrically isolate the AC shore power from the boat's AC power system. The boat's electrical system and the grounding conductor are not actually connected to the shore-side power. There is no direct electrical connection between earth-grounded shore AC power and the onboard electrical system. The shore ground is connected to a shield that is wound between the primary (shore) and the secondary (boat) transformer winding. The connection of this grounding wire only to the shield of the transformer isolates the boat's AC electrical system from shore. 

Compliance with independent testing lab requirements maximize safety

  • Marine UL listing ensures durability and safety 
  • New European CE EMC Certification (50hz models) 
  • Greatly reduced potential for in-water shock hazard 
  • Eliminates the need for polarity alarms and galvanic isolators 
    Superior technology guarantees top performance
  • Fully-encapsulated components and transformer windings 
  • Full current carrying shield per ABYC E-8.20.1 
    Easy to install and use
  • Occupies less space and easier to install than most units 
  • Terminal blocks for easy customer connections 
  • 3.6 KVA and 12 KVA units mount to either bulkhead or deck. 24 KVA unit mounts to deck only.
    Corrosion-resistant housing and components
  • Convection-cooled enclosure meets the intent of NMEA 3R requirements. 

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