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Charles 50 Amp Iso-Boost Boosting Isolation Transformer

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Easy to install and use, operational status is indicated by four lights on the unit, and low-voltage bypass switch provides simple positive user control. Iso-Boost 50 occupies less space and is easier to install than separate units. Terminal blocks allow for easy customer connections. An optional remote indicator panel permits monitoring of operational status from any convenient location.

Iso-Boost 50 Automatic Isolation and Boosting Transformer is designed to operate on 50 Amp systems. Iso-Boost 100 Automatic Isolation and Boosting Transformer includes features similar to Iso-Boost 50, but is designed for 100 Amp systems.

An Iso-Boost Automatic Marine Isolation and Boosting Transformer is essential where long dock runs cause voltage drops or fluctuations in power. The compact unit provides all the magnetic power transfer benefits of an isolation transformer, plus automatically "boosting" low or fluctuating voltages from the dock.

Iso-Boost distances itself from existing designs by meeting all requirements of ABYC E-8.20.1. Transformer windings are encapsulated and the shield providing safety between primary and secondary windings is of sufficient ampacity to provide a full fault-current path. In addition, lso-Boost 50 has been subjected to thermal, vibration and shock tests indicative of the marine environment by Underwriters Laboratories, and carries their prestigious Marine UL listing.

Internal circuitry monitors shore and boat voltages, and then adjusts output. The "boost" mode increases the isolated output voltage by 15% to supply appropriate power in the event of low voltage or wire losses during peak power times. If the dock voltage fluctuates above 225 VAC, the unit switches back to the normal isolated output. Mechanically interlocked contactors switch the output between "regular" and "boost" modes, a redundant safety feature that prevents internal shorts and enables a highly efficient voltage transition since there are virtually no losses across the contactors.

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